About Soteria UK

At Soteria UK, we have been providing automated systems to families and businesses. With our high level of workmanship and experience we can design, supply and install the right systems that will make your life easier. Once your new system is setup and working, we provide full support to ensure your system continues to meet your expectations.

There are four main areas of smart systems that we provide which are...

The Process

To ensure your installation meets your expectations, we follow a 7 step process from introduction to support.

  1. Consultation & Site Visit - We learn which system is suitable for your application by meeting with you and asking the right questions. No two installations are the same which is why this step is essential to providing you with complete clarity.
  2. Initial Proposal and Estimation - Following our site visit and consultation, we will provide a full proposal detailing estimated investments and time scales to complete your project. If you have any questions, we're more than happy answering them for you.
  3. Agree Specifications - Once you're happy with the proposal and agree to the specifications we will get started. We will procure all the required systems and materials to start the project and arrage a suitable date to start installation.
  4. Installation - Once all the planning is completed, our technicians will start with the installation of your new smart system. We take great pride in providing an efficient and clean installation ensuring your property is left as clean as we found it.
  5. Modifications and Amendments - It is not uncommon for specifications to change during and after the installation which is why we allow for this in our process. This ensures that the completed systems meets your expectations.
  6. Customer Training and Handover - The work is complete, all we need to do is show you how to work your new system. We provide full training on how to manage your new systems while checking and handing it over to you.
  7. Support - If required, we will provide you with ongoing support to manage and maintain your systems. Our support provides great peace of mind so that you can enjoy your new system knowing that we're available to make updates and keep your system running smoothly.

Smart Solutions

It's our passion to create the ideal spaces to work and live with modern automation technology. You will be surprised as what you can achieve with a simple flick of a switch or voice command.

Call today to discover what we have to offer 01536 214 223.

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