Automation for your home

There are three levels of automation for your home including simple on/off commands, themed based settings and artificial intelligence. We install all systems with upgrades in mind so you can start with a basic on/off system to a fully automated intelligent system.

Your smart system is capable of controlling your lighting, temperature, entertainment, security and much more. You can control your systems using mobile apps, switch panels and even voice control.

Three levels of Automation

Choosing the right form of automation for your property is mainly based on budget with few exceptions. To provide you with details of what is available, we have outlined what you can expect with each level of automation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is the premium option for your home automation. You can expect your system to learn your daily patterns and serve the best results for you. When you return from home your system can detect who you are and have rooms ready to enter. Imagine returning home on a Friday to living room setup for movie night. The lights dimmed and the projector ready to show your latest film on Netflix. The same logic applies to setting up your office space to be ready for that presentation you have been preparing.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

A slightly more advanced approach to basic automation, IFTTT is essentially a way of storing themes or moods. With this option you can create presets that action multiple on/off settings. This option is ideal if you would like to control both your lighting and climate to a preset theme with one switch or voice setting.

Basic On/Off Automation

Control your home with your smartphone. This is basic of all smart systems providing you with the ability to control your lighting, security, entertainment, climate and more with a smart app or voice controls.

Control your home

If home automation interests you then also see our other smart solutions including Entertainment Systems, Smart Metering and Home Security.

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We only use trusted suppliers

Whether you're planning to stay at your property for a long time or move to a larger property you will be seeking to add value with a future-proof system. At Soteria UK, we supply systems from trusted and established brands that enable you to adapt your system as your needs change.

For home automation, we supply and install for Elan, RTI, Lutron, Wandsworth & Fibaro

25 year

To provide this great guarantee, all our technicians have received professional training to install, test and terminate cabling to the highest standards. This offer is provided for all CAT6 cable installations which has been selected to future-proof your home with GB speeds.

This is just one of many ways that we go that bit further to ensure you're completely satisfied with our services.

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