Is your business SMART?

May 23, 2018

So, we have looked at having a smarter lifestyle, but do we need a smart business? We all know that automation in business can streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce human error, however many of us tend to forget about security and automation. We all have a duty of care when it comes to protecting our staff, business, equipment and property; but how many of us ensure we are doing so with smart security? When sitting with a prospect recently we addressed the subject. Here’s a snippet of what we found:

Prospect: So, as I said on the phone, as a business we have been victims of repeat burglaries, despite fitting the usual equipment like dummy cameras and stuff…

SoteriaUK: I am so sorry to hear that, can I ask, what made you choose a dummy camera instead of a functioning camera.

Prospect: Well to be honest, I had a camera before at the last property and we were still targeted. The only difference being that the camera didn’t actually capture any footage anyway, so I thought, what’s the point in spending the money when we get the same results. It was a static camera and somehow must have been moved. You never really check it unless something goes wrong. It’s a bit like a fire alarm.

SoteriaUK: You know you should be checking those too, right?

Prospect: Haha, yeah I know. You just get so bogged down in the day to day stuff, it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list… until it’s too late!

SoteriaUK: So, tell me a little more about what it is you would like to achieve.

Prospect: To be honest, I am not even sure. It’s started to have a knock-on effect with things like staff retention. It’s a fairly high-risk environment as it is, add this to the mix and staff start to get a little nervous. I just want something low maintenance and effective.

SoteriaUK: Okay. Well we can provide you with a fully or partially automated security system that can be controlled from your phone. You can get visual notifications to avoid false alarms, a panic alarm on the app and even integrate your lights to the alarm, so the they flash when the alarm is triggered.

Prospect: Wow, you should be called SmartSoteria…

SoteriaUK: Hahaha, I will bare that in mind.

Prospect: I want royalties hahaha.

SoteriaUK: So back to you for a minute. You said that you think the cameras had been tampered with is that right?

Prospect: Yeah, they were above the entrance so wouldn’t take much but we wanted it close enough to get a decent image.

SoteriaUK: If that’s the only reason you had it so low we can provide you with high quality visualseven from a distance; a revolving camera (PTZ – Pan, Tilt, Zoom) that will even tract moving objects without any human assistance. The infrared lighting means we can capture video in night mode and we can have it monitoring intrusion zones. You can always rotate the camera from your device if you receive a notification and can’t spot anything.

Prospect: Wow, security really is changing…

SoteriaUK: Smart security IS the new security…..
Now there is more to this but the point I wanted to make is security has come a long way. We can help you secure your premises so that the system works for you. It’s time to work Smarter, not harder.

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Is your business SMART?

May 23, 2018

We all know that automation in business can streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce human error, however many of us tend to forget about security and automation.