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Soteria UK are leading experts in designing and installing smart systems to improve efficiency.

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Smart solutions for your office

Are you looking to create an office space that is productive, secure and energy efficient?

We have many solutions to increase your staff productivity with automated systems that can prepare your conference room for a presentation with a click of a button or simple voice command. We also provide security systems and guarantee a reduction in your energy bills by at least 10% with our energy management systems.

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Increased Security

Keep your office and assets secure with our advanced CCTV and Alarm systems.

We provide security systems that can be controlled remotely to report on disturbances and trigger alarms. Our smart CCTV technology identifies potential threats and send a notification so that you can have confidence that your property is safe.

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Energy Management

Reduce your energy bills by at lease 10% with our energy management systems.

We're so confident that we can reduce your bills that we provide a guarantee that the smart systems we provide will provide at least 10% savings. You can use our devices to manage and automate your heating and lighting to maximise efficiency and create a productive environment.

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More Office Automation Options

Your office can benefit from more than Security Systems and Audio and Visual systems. We also provide services to automate your working space and reduce your energy bills with an Energy Management System.

Efficient Spaces

It is our job to create a working space where you can focus without unnecessary distractions. With office automation, you can create the perfect mood with the flick of a switch or simple voice command.

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25 year

To provide this great guarantee, all our technicians have received professional training to install, test and terminate cabling to the highest standards. This offer is provided for all CAT6 cable installations which has been selected to future-proof your home with GB speeds.

This is just one of many ways that we go that bit further to ensure you're completely satisfied with the service we provide to you.

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