Which CCTV system?

Oct 04, 2019

Which CCTV system?
There are a number of CCTV system on the market today to suit all types of budgets and needs. The most important step before purchasing a CCTV system is to ask yourself why do I need this?

Is it to deter potential burglars? To capture images? To secure an area, building or pets?

Once you decide why you require a CCTV system you will need to ask yourself a follow up question:

Which CCTV System is best for me and my needs?

There are two main types of cameras now-a-days; you can go for IP cameras (sometimes known as network cameras) or Analog camera system.
You will notice that with the IP camera we didn’t mention system, they main reason being that an IP camera uses your local network, or the internet. This can be don by using cables connected directly to your router, a network switch or the camera can be learnt wirelessly to your network.

They will transmit images and audio via the internet and since they have their own IP address it means you can purchase a camera without the need for a recording device.
Most IP cameras have three options when it comes to storing recordings: images can be recorded to the cloud (at a monthly cost), recorded to a local Micro SD card on the camera or record to a network video recorder (NVR).

At the end of the day depending on your budget it will determine what you go for, nonetheless, all three options allow you to view the cameras on any internet enabled device. Be aware that with a cloud base system, if your local internet goes down it will not record to the cloud unless you have a micro SD card as a backup. The other two options will allow the system to continue to record and you can use playback to view event when the network was down.

An analog (HD, coax or TVI) cameras require a recording system known as a Digital Video Recording (DVR). Modern DVRs are design to connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. They do require thicker wires and connections, however an experience installer can take advantage of modern technology to reduce the cost and speed of the installation.

From our experience the cost of the analog vs IP system is marginal, however with IP camera you have better options not only from where you can place the cameras but also the use of basic and advance analytic (see our blog on what advance analytics). Do note that the price of the camera and system does increase with the “smarter” features you want.

If you require a professionally installed system, feel free to contact us and we can design and install a system suited for you. We provide the best prices and guarantee our workmanship and equipment for 2 years.

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