Who installs CCTV cameras?

Nov 01, 2019

Once you decide why you require a CCTV system you will need to ask yourself how you are going to install it? DIY or Professionally installed?
There are many DIY systems on the market ranging from lower budget to high end all singing-and-dancing systems which can be bought from online retailers to high street shops. If you have basic DIY skills and have a long enough ladder then this may be the most cost effective option for you. However, be warned that you will have to drill through walls and you’ll probably need an 18mm by 300mm length drill bit!! Alternatively, you can leave the wires hanging or pushed through a window.

Otherwise, you can have it professionally installed. Not only will they have all the correct equipment to deal with most situations, they will provide you with a warranty of workmanship too.

You can choose to hide the wires

Or with a junction box

Or with a junction box and metal trunking for security

Depending on the number of cameras, location of your recording device and other smaller yet relevant installation requirements; most installation starts from £250 per day. Most, if not all companies will provide you with a free quote and break down the cost to you.

If you require a professionally installed system, feel free to contact us and we can design and install a system suited to you. We provide the best prices and guarantee our workmanship and equipment for 2 years too.

A smarter lifestyle….

May 23, 2018

With all this Smart new technology, it can sometimes leave us feeling, well… a little less than smart when trying to keep up with it all.

Is your business SMART?

May 23, 2018

We all know that automation in business can streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce human error, however many of us tend to forget about security and automation.